Roveja Umbra Decorticata


Cooking in 30 minutes without soaking.

INGREDIENTS: 100% roveja

ALLERGENS: it may contain traces of soy, broad beans, gluten and nuts.

PACKAGING: Pack of 300gr


It is an ancient variety of legume, a wild pea, which we are offering decorticated, as a time-saving product so as not to give up a unique and special flavor compatible with our hectic pace of life! Roveja has been a Slow Food legume since 2006. It is an excellent ingredient for the preparation of soups and has truly remarkable nutritional properties, especially for vegetarians who are always “on the hunt” for vegetable proteins: it is naturally rich in proteins, carbohydrates , phosphorus and potassium, with very little fat. It is also excellent prepared on its own, hot seasoned with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, accompanied by toasted homemade bread.