Type 1 Ancient Soft Grain Flour Stone Ground


INGREDIENTS: Ancient grains and einkorn spelled.

ALLERGENS: may contain traces of soy. Contains gluten.

PACKAGING: 1 kg pack


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The “Cento grani” Type 1 soft wheat flour is obtained by stone grinding and subsequent sifting of a mixture of about a hundred varieties of ancient soft wheat grown all together, according to the methods of organic farming, forming a “population evolutionary “of grains that are characterized by their rusticity, the excellent milling and nutritional characteristics of the flours obtainable through the traditional stone grinding, are the varieties that give a particularly fragrant, soft and easily bread-making flour. Among the varieties making up the population of the mixture of ancient grains we have Gentilrosso, Frassineto, Rieti, Terminillo, Inallettabile, Andriolo, Mentana, Verna, San Pastore, Jervicella, Solina etc., and a percentage of Rye, which enriches the flour with essential amino acid Lysine, absent in common wheat. The simultaneous cultivation of many varieties of wheat allows over the years, through cross-pollination, the evolution of the population of the grains that adapt over time to the characteristics of the soil and the cultivation environment. Type 1 flour, clear and rich in the nutrients and aromas of wheat germ, is suitable for any process, both sweet and salty.